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British Diplomacy in the Middle-East and Policy-Making under the Zionist-Fueled Balfour Zeitgeist 1915-1929




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General Introduction
Chapter One: Pre-1917 British Diplomacy in the Middle-East and Encounter with Zionism
1 The British promises for the Arabs: the Hussein- McMahon Correspondence
1.1 The Memorandum of Sharif Hussein
1.1.1 United for a General Revolt: the Damascus Protocol
1.1.2 Hussein‘s Memorandum: a Bold Statement
1.2 The Promise of a New Arabian Middle-East
1.3 The Dardanelles: A Solid Still Ottoman Empire
2 Asia Minor Agreement and Backstage Diplomacy: Britain‘s Search for Middle Eastern Empire
3 Palestine
3.1 Loopholes and Controversy
3.2 Zionism: a Traditional Yearning for a Jewish State
3.2.1 Origins and Revival
3.2.2 Herzl‘s Political Zionism: a New Different Approach
3.2.3 Searching for a Protective Power
3.3 A “Night Refuge” and the Origins of the Anglo-Zionist Alliance
Chapter Two: A British Mandate for Israel
1 The Balfour Declaration
1.1 Aims and Intentions
1.2 Is it a “Jewish Homeland” or a Zionist “State”
1.3 Weizmann-Emir Faisal Agreement of 1919
2 King-Crane Commission and the Balfour Declaration
3 League of Nations Mandatory System and Palestine
3.1 The San Remo Conference
3.2 The Cairo Conference of 1921
4 The British White Paper: Palestine‘s Best
4.1 The Balfour Declaration: a Policy Questioned.
4.2 The White Paper of 1922; a Sober, yet Irrational Confirmation of a Failing British Palestine Policy
General Conclusion

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