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Immigrants’ Language and Culture Assimilation -Case of Algerian Immigrants in UK and USA


Language Sciences


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General Introduction
Chapter One: Definition of the Main Concepts
1.1. Introduction
1.2.1. The Notion of Language
1.2.2. Linguistic Theories
1.3. Language Contact
1.4.1. Language Acquisition
1.4.2. The Behaviouristic Theory
1.4.3. The Nativist Theory
1.4.4. The Cognitive Theory
1.4.5. The Input Theory
1.4.6. Connectionism Second Language Acquisition Corder’s essay Selinker’s Article The Acquisition- Learning Hypothesis The Natural Order Hypothesis The Monitor Hypothesis The Comprehensive Hypothesis The Affective Filter Hypothesis
1.6.1. Interlanguage
1.6.2. Learning Strategies in Creating IL Language Transfer Overgeneralisation Simplification
1.6.3. IL Fossilization
1.7.1. Culture
1.7.2. Immigration Linguistic Accommodation Communication Accommodation Theory
1.8.1. Language and Culture Assimilation
1.8.2. Acculturation
1.8.3. Reconstruction of Social Identity and Personality
1.9. Conclusion
Chapter Two: Data Analysis and Research Results
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Research Settings
2.3. Research Design
2.4. Research Approach
2.4.1. Quantitative Approach
2.4.2. Qualitative Approach
2.4.3. The Mixed Method Approach
2.5. Research Participants
2.5.1. Respondents’ Profile
2.6. Research Instrument
2.6.1. The Schedule
2.7. Schedules’ Data Analysis and Interpretation
2.7.1. Schedule for Immigrants in UK
2.7.2. Schedule for Immigrants in USA
2.8. Discussion of the Main Findings
2.9. Algerian Immigrants in UK VS. Algerian Immigrants in USA
2.10. Conclusion
General Conclusion

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